Also in cigars, we took over the production site in Veracruz in 2009 and since then we were experimenting and developping
such that we now pushed our products to an international upper premium level. As we entered, the cigar manufactory was only a four persons company that produced for more than 20 years for the national market. With our approach we pushed and renewed the whole process and quality management to an other level. We now employ 14 persones and seek to grab another 4 persons. Our progress is such that we can now call our cigars – without exageration – to be one of the three best brands in Mexico. At the moment our capacity is around 250’000 cigars per year. Now we are taking over a concurrent so that we will see a capacity of 1 Mio cigars (with diverted formats and quality classes) within the next 18 -24 months. Our aim is to reach 2 Mio. cigars per year: best quality and a cigar for everyone.